damages for breach of contract
Cigna Saves Money When Its Doctors Deny Claims Without Reading Medical Records
How Cigna Saves Money with AI Claim Management Cigna, one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, has implemented a controversial system that allows its doctors to instantly reject...
Doctor touching shoulders of patient in a wheelchair. long term disability vs short term.
Long-Term Disability Insurance vs Short-Term Disability Insurance Explained
Disability insurance provides financial security and peace of mind to those looking for additional protection if they can no longer work due to an injury or disabling illness. Americans suffer chronic...
Family gathered in a living room. Types of Life Insurance Exclusions
Types of Life Insurance Exclusions
Life insurance provides a financial safety net for surviving family members when someone dies unexpectedly. Life insurance proceeds must be paid to the beneficiaries in a timely manner. But there are circumstances...
Mental Health Parity Act
The Mental Health Parity Act Explained And Why It Matters
Mental illness affects a significant number of Americans, and many of them are not able to get the treatment they need. Even when health plans cover mental health benefits, they can be harder to access...
Berg - client review
Disability Insurance Claim Client Review
We retained this firm a few months ago to assist us with a long term disability claim. We worked specifically with Mr. Amar Raval. He and his staff have been very accommodating and attentive to our case.
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