Berg - client review
Disability Insurance Claim Client Review
We retained this firm a few months ago to assist us with a long term disability claim. We worked specifically with Mr. Amar Raval. He and his staff have been very accommodating and attentive to our case.
life insurance claim denied
What To Do If a Life Insurance Policy Claim Is Denied
Life insurance is usually purchased to make sure a beneficiary has some financial means if the policyholder should die. Life insurance contracts promise to pay a beneficiary in a timely manner upon proof...
Proton Therapy Claim Denied
Insurance Denials for Proton Therapy Treatment for Cancer Patients
Many patients who are receiving treatment for cancer may pursue proton therapy. This recent development in radiation therapy uses protons instead of X-rays. Since X-rays are known to put patients at risk...
Berg - client review
Health Insurance Claim Client Review
Amar Raval and the team at Berg, Plummer, Johnson, and Raval are amazing lawyers and great to work with. They explain everything in detail and make the process a better learning experience. They are always...
can insurance deny cancer treatment
Can Insurance Companies Deny Cancer Treatment?
The answer to the question of “Can insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” is often different from the answer to the question of “Do insurance companies deny cancer treatment?” Although federal law...
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